Box Jumps

Keep your Heart Rate Elevated and Work all your Leg Muscles with this Athletic Leg Exercise

Welcome to our Box Jumps Cardio Exercise Instruction Guide!

On this page you'll learn how to do this fat burning exercise using the correct technique. Below you'll find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips on how to get the most out of this and other Body Weight Exercises so you can immediately add to your Fat Loss Workouts, Cardio Workouts, and other Weight Training Programs.

Exercise Summary

Exercise Name:Box Jumps
Main Muscle:Legs
Exercise Type:Compound
Equipment Required:Body Weight Exercise

Exercise Description and Instruction:

This leg exercise is one of our Fat Burning Exercises and is a great way to keep your heart rate elevated during your weight lifting routine. It's also an athletic exercise that will help you train for high performance. We've rotated it into a few of our Fat Loss Workouts as a way to let your upper body rest momentarily but continue burning calories.


  1. This is cardio exercise is also one of the best warm up exercises. Get the blood flowing to your leg muscles before you start your weight lifting routine or cardio workouts.
  2. Choose a box height that will challenge you to jump nearly as high as you can.

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