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Tricep Exercises

Learn How to get Bigger Arms or More Tone Arms by adding these Arm Exercises to your Tricep Workouts

Welcome to our Tricep Exercises Main Page! 

Here we've linked to all of our weight training exercises and body weight exercises that primarily target the triceps. On Each individual tricep exercise page you'll find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips so you can immediately add to your workout routines.

Shut up and let me skip to the exercises!

So Why should your Workout Routines include Tricep Exercises?

Despite the tricep's rank in popularity amongst arm muscles, Tricep Exercises are much more important in Building Big Arms than Bicep Exercises. Why? Because the tricep muscles are two times larger than the biceps.

If you want tone arms, that means that ripped triceps are 2x as important for getting this appearance. Strengthening your triceps will also increase your bench press max, so what's not to love?

The Weight Training Exercises

Our slew of these arm exercises is divided below by equipment required resulting in the following sections for this muscle:

Click on the links above or continue reading below to view each section of these weight training exercises. Check out our Best Triceps Exercise List if you want to skip to our handpicked best exercises for gaining muscle mass and losing body fat.

Tricep Barbell Exercises

Addl Equip.
Barbell Decline Triceps ExtensionTricepsBarbell, Decline Bench
Barbell Incline Triceps ExtensionTricepsBarbell, Incline Bench
Barbell Reverse Triceps ExtensionTricepsBarbell, Bench
Behind the Head Lying Close-Grip Triceps Extension TricepsBarbell or EZ Curl Bar, Bench
Close Grip Bench PressTriceps, Chest, DeltoidsBarbell, Bench
Decline Close Grip Bench to Skull CrusherTriceps, Chest, DeltoidsBarbell, Decline Bench
JM PressTriceps, Chest, DeltoidsBarbell, Bench
Reverse Triceps Bench PressTriceps, ChestBarbell, Bench
Seated Overhead Triceps ExtensionTricepsBarbell, Bench
Skull CrushersTricepsBarbell, Bench
Smith Machine Close Grip Bench PressTriceps, Chest, DeltoidsBarbell, Bench, Smith Machine
Standing Overhead Triceps ExtensionTricepsBarbell

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Tricep Body Weight Exercises

Addl Equip.
Bench Tricep DipsTriceps, Chest, Deltoids, Lats, Upper BackTwo Benches
Tricep PushupsTriceps, Chest, DeltoidsN/A
Standing Towel Triceps ExtensionTricepsTowel, Partner
Tricep DipsTriceps, Chest, Deltoids, Lats, Upper BackParallel Bars or Dip Station

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Tricep Cable Exercises

Addl Equip.
Cable Incline Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable, Incline Bench
Cable Skull CrushersTricepsCable, Bench
Cable Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable
Concentration Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable
Incline Tricep PushdownTricepsCable, Incline Bench
Kneeling Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable, Bench
Low Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable, Bench
One Arm Reverse Grip Tricep PushdownTricepsCable
Reverse Grip Tricep PushdownTricepsCable
Standing One-Arm Low-Pulley
Triceps Extension
Tricep PushdownTricepsCable
Tricep Pushdown with RopeTricepsCable
Tricep Pushdown with V-BarTricepsCable

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Tricep Dumbbell Exercises

Addl Equip.
Dumbbell Decline Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Decline Bench
Dumbbell Reverse Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Incline Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Incline Bench
Lying Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Lying Triceps Extension Across FaceTricepsDumbbells, Bench
One Arm Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Seated Tricep KickbackTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Single Arm Pronated Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Single Arm Supinated Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Standing One Arm Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells
Tate PressTricepsDumbbells
Triceps ExtensionTricepsDumbbells, Bench
Tricep KickbackTricepsDumbbells, Bench

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Tricep Machine Exercises

Addl Equip.
Machine Tricep DipsTriceps, Chest, Deltoids, Lats, Upper BackMachine
Machine Triceps ExtensionTricepsMachine

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