Core Exercises

Sculpt Ripped Abs or Gain Muscle Mass with our Core Strengthening Exercises

Core exercises are exercises that target the abdominals, hip flexors, back, and other muscles surrounding the torso. These exercises are part of all well-balanced weight training programs and whether you want to exercise to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you're workout routines should include core exercises.

Here's why: The muscles in your core contract first in every exercise and are where your body's power is generated from. Therefore, strengthening your core will enhance all of your other lifts.

Aside from being your body's power generator, here are a few other benefits of a strong core:
  • better balance, coordination, and stability
  • increased flexibility
  • enhanced athletic performance
  • improved respiration and lung capacity
But hey, guys don't care about muscle and strength or being good athletes right?

Still not convinced on the benefits of core stength training?

In addition to all of these benefits, core exercises can also help strengthen and tone your abs. While it's difficult to get rid of belly fat with core exercises or abs exercises alone (utilize our fat loss workouts for help here), core exercises will help you develop the underlying muscles. So, if you already have a flat stomach and flat abs, use these core exercises to sculpt ripped abs and gain some definition.

Many sites only include abs exercises and body weight exercises that target the abdominals in their list of core exercises.

But they're dumb.

Why? Because the best core exercises are weight training exercises that call on your core muscles as well as other muscle groups to complete a repetition. These compound exercises are more effective core strengthening exercises and can be utilized in fat loss workouts as well as strength training routines.

Therefore, on this page we sorted the core exercises by exercise type resulting in core body weight exercises as well as core weight training exercises.


If your specifically looking for ab exercises, head over to our abs exercises page for a complete list. Abs exercises are core exercises by definition. Just seems silly to have them in two spots.

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