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Cable Exercises

These Weight Training Exercises Utilize a Cable Pulley to help you Maintain Proper Form and use a Full Range of Motion

Welcome to our Cable Exercises directory! 

Below we've listed all of our weight training exercises that utilize a cable pulley. Each of the weight training exercises below are sorted below by primary muscle trained and come complete with pictures, instructions, and tips so that you can get the most out of this online training and immediately add to your weight training programs. 

For a complete list of weight training exercises sorted by equipment required, please view our Weight Training Exercises Main Page.

So Why should your Workout Routines include Cable Exercises?

Freeweight exercises like those on our barbell exercises and dumbbell exercises pages should make up the majority of your workout routines.  However, cable exercises also have their place in workouts and offer their own benefits, which shouldn't be ignored. 

Cable and weight machine exercises allow you to get a full range of motion from top to bottom.  While using a cable pulley, it's easier to complete sets with a fluid and controlled movement as machines are designed to help you maintain proper form as the weight moves along a predetermined track.  This can help effectively isolate the muscle your working it a different way.

All Cable Exercises by Primary Muscle

Each cable exercise is sorted by primary muscle(s) trained resulting in the following cable exercise sections:

Upper Body Exercises

Lower Body Exercises

Core Exercises

Click on the links above or continue reading below to view each section. 

Cable Bicep Exercises

Addl Equip.
Hammer Curls with RopeBiceps, ForearmsCable
High Cable CurlsBiceps, ForearmsCable, Bench
Lying Bicep Cable CurlBiceps, ForearmsCable
Lying Close Grip Bicep
Cable Curls
Biceps, ForearmsCable, Bench
Overhead Cable CurlBiceps, ForearmsCable
Cable Preacher CurlBiceps, ForearmsCable,
Preacher Curl Bench
Standing Bicep Cable CurlBiceps, ForearmsCable
Standing One Arm Cable CurlBiceps, ForearmsCable

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Cable Tricep Exercises

Addl Equip.
Cable Incline Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable, Incline Bench
Cable Skull CrushersTricepsCable, Bench
Incline Tricep PushdownTricepsCable, Incline Bench
Concentration Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable
Kneeling Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable, Bench
Low Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable, Bench
One Arm Reverse Grip Tricep PushdownTricepsCable
Reverse Grip Tricep PushdownTricepsCable
Cable Triceps ExtensionTricepsCable
Standing One-Arm Low-Pulley
Triceps Extension
Tricep PushdownTricepsCable
Tricep Pushdown with RopeTricepsCable
Tricep Pushdown with V-BarTricepsCable

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Cable Back Exercises

Addl Equip.
Cable Back ExtensionsLower Back, Hamstrings, GlutesCable
Rear Lateral RaisesUpper Back, Shoulders Cable
Close Grip Front Lat Pull DownLats, Upper Back, Biceps, Shoulders Cable
Lat Pull DownLats, Upper Back, Biceps, Shoulders Cable
Reverse Grip Lat Pull DownLats, Upper Back, Biceps, Shoulders Cable
Seated Cable Reverse FlyUpper Back, Shoulders Cable, Bench
Seated Cable RowUpper Back, Lats, Biceps, Shoulders Cable
Straight Arm Pull DownLats, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Cable
V-Bar Lat Pull DownLats, Upper Back, Biceps, Shoulders Cable, V-Bar

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Cable Chest Exercises

Addl Equip.
Cable Chest FlysChestCable, Flat Bench
Cable CrossoverChestCable
Incline Cable Chest FlysChestCable, Incline Bench

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Cable Shoulder Exercises

Addl Equip.
Cable Front RaiseDeltoid, TrapeziusCable
Cable Lateral RaisesDeltoid, TrapeziusCable
Rear Lateral RaisesDeltoid, Trapezius, Upper BackCable
Cable ShrugsTrapeziusCable
Cable Upright RowDeltoid, Trapezius, BicepsCable
Seated Cable Reverse FlyDeltoid, Trapezius, Upper BackCable, Bench

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Cable Leg Exercises

Addl Equip.
Cable Hip Abduction Hip Flexors Machine
Single Leg KickbacksGlutes, HamstringsCable

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Cable Abs Exercises

Addl Equipment
Cable Crunch Abs Cable
Side Bends Abs *Cable or Dumbbell

*This exercise is pictured as a dumbbell exercise, however, you can also do the Side Bench on a cable pulley by attaching the handle and putting the cable on the lowest setting to the floor. 

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