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Best Bicep Exercises

Build Big Biceps or Sculpt Lean Arms by incorporating these Arm Exercises in your Workout Routines!

Welcome to our Best Bicep Exercises list!

We've pulled and curled our way through the 50+ exercises on our Bicep Exercises Main Page to bring you this handpicked list of the top five arm exercises to build bigger biceps or sculpt leaner arms.

Make sure to view our "Building Big Arms" How to Article if your goal is to gain muscle mass and put on some size.

The Five Best Bicep Exercises

5. Zottman Bicep Curl

The Zottman Bicep Curl is one of two isolation exercises that made our list of best bicep exercises. 

This variation of the Dumbbell Bicep Curl is a great bicep exercise that uses dumbbells and a twisting motion to effectively work your biceps and forearms. 

  • Need More Info? For a more complete description with pictures, exercise instructions, and tips please view our Zottman Bicep Curl Exercise Instruction Guide.

  • Variations: Also view Zottman Preacer Curl.

  • 4. Barbell Bicep Curl

    The Barbell Bicep Curl is the second of two isolation bicep exercises that made our list. This classic bicep exercise allows you to pile on weight and use all the muscles of the biceps and forearms to curl the weight to the top. No other bicep exercise gives you a pump quite like the Barbell Bicep Curl.

    Make sure you don't swing your hips or back during this bicep exercise. Also, be sure to concentrate on your biceps contracting throughout the lift and keep your elbows in a fixed position.

    3. Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

    The Reverse Grip Bent Over Row targets the biceps as well as the upper back and lats. Admittedly its more of a back exercises, but this lift is one of the best Compound Exercises for building bigger biceps.

    With the bent over row, you can pack on much more weight than possible with a typical bicep curl. 

    2. Narrow Parallel Grip Chin Ups

    Narrow Parallel Grip Chin Ups are a Chin Ups variation and is one of the best Compound Exercises for sculpting or strengthening your biceps as well as your back. You can do the exercise on a pull up bar that has additional handles facing each other or using a V-Bar as pictured. 

    1. Chin Ups

    Chin Ups are one of the most basic and best weight training exercises for building Strength in the Biceps and Back.

    Like Narrow Parallel Grip Chin Ups explained above, Chin Ups also use gravity to force you to lift the weight of your body, which is much more beneficial than using a 25-50 pound dumbbell to isolate the biceps like most bicep exercises. 

    Well, there you have it: all of the best bicep exercises for gaining muscle mass and losing body fat!

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