Beginner Split Workout Routine

Workout Summary:

Workout Name:Beginner Split Workout Routine
Training Level:Beginner
Main Goal:Build Muscle
Days Per Week:3-4
Workout Type:Split

Description of Workout:

Four training days make up our Beginner Split Workout Routine. On this beginner strength training workout you'll devote two days for your upper body and two for legs. However, depending on your rate of recovery, it may be best to only workout three days per week for the first few weeks. When it comes to the amount of exercise, less is more with muscle building.

Shut up and let me skip to the workout!

  • Day 1 - Workout A
  • Day 2 - Workout B
  • Day 3 - REST
  • Day 4 - Workout C
  • Day 5 - Workout D
  • Day 6 - PARTY REST

  • On our Beginner Split Workout Routine, you'll be focusing on the big three lifts: bench press, barbell squat, and deadlift. It's best to get comfortable with these weightlifting staples early if you want to build muscle.

    If these exercises are new to you, we recommend starting with our beginner full body workout prior to our beginner split workout routine. While this routine is great for beginners, you may not be ready to devote a whole day to your upper or lower body.

    Rest for 1-2 minutes between each exercise to ensure your body is ready to give optimal energy to every set. Perform all of the exercises in each letter as a superset before moving on to the next letter and its corresponding exercises. For example, on the first workout, you will do a set of 8-10 repetitons on bench press, then rest 1-2 minutes and do a set of 8-10 reps on cable row, and then rest another 1-2 minutes. You will do this three times (3 sets of 8-10) before moving on to the next group of exercises in the workout, group B.

    Workout A

    Superset Exercises Sets x Reps
    A Bench Press 3 x 8-10
    Cable Row 3 x 8-10
    B Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 3 x 8-10
    Barbell Row 3 x 8-10
    C Pull-Up or Lat Pulldown 3 x 8-10
    Barbell Upright Row 3 x 8-10

    Workout B

    Superset Exercises Sets x Reps
    Straight Set Barbell Squats 5 x 8-10
    Straight Set Barbell Romanian Deadlift5 x 8-10
    A Barbell Lunge 3 x 8-10
    Back Extension 3 x 8-10

    Workout C

    Superset Exercises Sets x Reps
    A Incline Barbell Bench Press 3 x 8-10
    Dumbbell Row 3 x 8-10 per side
    B Chin-Up/Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown3 x 8-10
    Dips3 x 8-10
    Seated Barbell Military Press3 x 8-10
    C Reverse Dumbbell Fly3 x 8-12
    Straight Barbell Curl 3 x 8-12
    Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press3 x 8-12

    Workout D

    Superset Exercises Sets x Reps
    Straight Set Barbell Front Squats 5 x 8-10
    Straight Set Barbell Deadlift3 x 8-10
    A Standing Calf Raise 3 x 8-12
    Leg Extension 3 x 8-12
    Leg Curl 3 x 8-12


    • Rest at least 48 hours before Workouts A and C or Workouts B and D.

    • Buy a cheap notebook and keep track of the amount of weight you're using for each exercise. Increase the weight incrementally if you can complete more than the prescribed number of reps

    • Eat a meal both before and after any of our beginner workout routines that consists of at least 25 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein. A preworkout and postworkout shake will also do the trick and is very quick and easy.

    • Ideally, you won't be doing any cardio exercise with this workout, but if you're worried about keeping your cardiovascular endurance, do interval training once per week for 15 minutes or less.

    New to weightlifting and this workout's not what you had in mind? Leave our Beginner Split Workout Routine and return to all of our Strength Training for Beginners Workouts for something that suits you more.

    Or head to our more advanced muscle building workouts if you're ready to lose the training wheels and get started on one of our more advanced workout routines.

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